Born 12-25-87 Died 1-12-98

I wish I knew you were sick with cancer. I was so mad at mom for taking you to the vets and having you put to sleep. I know now that you were hurting so bad. You the best dog. You were like a little brother. You were the family protector. I will love you Scooter for ever. I miss you more than you will ever know. I'll never forget all the memories we have. You barking at me when I came home to late. The time I tried to train you to be a show dog in grammy's basement, having you jump over logs and go through the maze I built. You did it every time.

I started getting sad when you started to lose your sight. And I was never so scared when you got lost in the field and the only way we found you was because you never stopped barking. You were the smartest dog I knew. You could and would learn anything. You loved the attention that we gave you. And Im so sorry that I didn't show you that much attention as I grew older. I love you so much Scooter.

You are a big piece of my life. My life is better because you were in it.

Take care "Dooters" Someday I will see you again.

Love Big Sis

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