Star & Nickie

I had two of my babies pass last year. One was Star......she was only 5 months old. We gve her all her shots, but suddenly she got sick. We rushed her to the vet, he gave her shots, but by the next day, my Star died.

My other baby was Nickie. She was almost 3 years old. She was a dumped, abused abandoned pup. We found her wandreing around the Walmart parking lot, about 5 weeks old!! She had mites, worms, mange, and a breathing problem. We nursed her back to health, had her fixed and she was doing fine. We let her out one night. we live on 40 acres. When we called all the babies in, for the night, she never showed up. We found her dead by the pond the next day.

I miss my two babies Nickie and Star...

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