Buster found me as much as I found him, eight wonderful years ago. He helped me through more than I can tell anyone, bringing me "comfort and joy" each and every second we were together. I can still feel and smell the fur of that tiny "big man" - an eleven pound giant. He was "big" brother for my Great Dane, Max, and we both miss him terribly. I know that he was our personal angel, and that he is with us still. We will learn to go on, but it won't be easy.

Take care, Buster Brown. I will see you again.


Dear Buster,

It's been five long years since I lost you, and I still miss you so much it leaves me breathless at times. Please watch over Maxy, as he's not doing very well. I am sure he misses you too. I will *never* forget you.

Love, Mom

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