Chelsea Ray

It seems just like yesterday, that Chelsea Ray came into my life. In fact it has been six years ago.

While driving down a street in a small town of Az. I came up on a lady whose truck had broke down, standing on the side of the road with two huge pitbulls, not thinking i stopped to see if i could help.

Riding with me was my 6 month old son. We were in a Pinto. After stopping the lady (Debbie) told me she was out of gas, i told her to get in and i would take her where she needed to go. The only proublem was these two dogs that she could not leave behind, against everything i beleved in i allowed them in the car also. Thats the day i meet Chelsea for the first time!

Taffy her mother was twice her size and scarry at first sight.

Never the less they both clibmed in and Chelsea laid between the two seats with her head in MY lap.(the strangest thing i had ever felt, was the bond that formed between us in that 15 min.) LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT When i got Debbie back to her truck i made a statment that would change my life forever. ( If you ever want to get rid of Chelsea let me now.)

Well months went by and Debbie had given her away. The family who took her wanted to give her back, they said that she was chewing up all th funiture and was shy. That Dec. of 1985 Chelsea was given to me as a Christmas gift. Never once did she chew up anything i had never seen a happier dog.

Debbie could not believe the way she was acting. Chelsea knew she was home.

Well three years went by and all was well, untill that never forgetful day! My baby was expecting her first litter, i had to run to the store, so i put her out on the leed untill my return.

When i got back home 15 min latter she was gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someone had taken off the collar and laid it on the ground, and no Chelsea.

Years went by and i had not found out what happened to her, not untill this Christmas. My ex-husband told me that he had sold her as a way to hurt me and support his drug habbit. Well Chelsea and all of her unborn pups died at the hands of a cruel man.

I believe with all my heart that a dog picks their masters we don't pick them!!

Just three months ago my blue pit had ONE pup. When she was born she looked identical to my beloved Chelsea. So at the risk of sounding sick i nammed the pup Chelsea Ray Two.

I feel with every bit of my heart that this is Chelsea re-born to me.

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