In Loving Memory of our Cocopuff

Cocopuff was just a wee thing thing of 6 weeks old when she came into our lives in 1982. She was Cocker/Terrier, the color of Cocopuff cereal - hence her name. From the time she was a youngster through her teen years, there was nary a person who didn't see her that didn't want her for their very own but, needless to say, she was neither "up for adoption" nor for sale at any price.

From the time she was a youngster, we did a lot of traveling by car, always taking her with us, and that became one of her ultimate joys in life. As time went on, we purchased a "dune buggy" and Cocopuff loved it so much she thought it was her very own vehicle.

At one point we lived in a waterfront home; another of Cocpuff's greatest pleasures was to lay on my raft with me, floating and relaxing. When she would see the beach towels come out and our swimsuits being put on, she knew it was water time and she'd get all hyped up, barking and barking, it seemed louder and louder, until she had hurried us from the house into the water. She loved the water so much and she was so smart that she figured out that she could actually stand up in the water on her hind feet & legs and the weight of the water would support her, standing upright. On warm summer days it was not unusual at all for her to "stand" in the water for hours, her front legs floating gently on the water's surface with just her beautiful brown neck and head visible! It was, indeed, quite a sight to behold, always entertaining the neighbors, especially when we realized she needed a sunvisor to protect her beautiful brown eyes from the glare of the sun as she stood in the water for hours on end!.

We were so close and shared so many wonderful times with our baby girl, I could go on and on. As one does with their best friend, we shared the best times of our lives with our Cocopuff for 17 wonderful years. From the time she was a baby, we always said "there's a wonderful person in there".

Cocopuff became ill and was diagnosed with irreversible kidney failure in September 1999, which was absolutely devastating and heartbreaking for us. She let us know when she was ready to go and we loved her too much to force her to stay with us in pain. We sent her on her journey to the Bridge on October 18, 1999, where we know she eagerly awaits our arrival.

With our everlasting love, in memory of and tribute to our best friend -

"You are a thousand winds that gently blow,
You are the diamond glinting on the snow.
You are the warm sunlight on the ripened grain,
You are the patter of the gently falling autumn rain.
When we awaken to the morning's hush
You are the swift and certain uplifting rush
Of quiet birds circling in flight;
You are the brightest star that shines at night".

We miss you deeply, baby girl, and we'll see you soon. In the meantime, don't forget your sunvisor when the sun is hot or your sweater when the weather is cold, OK?

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