I'll never forget the day I got the phone call when I was 16: A black male Great Dane approximately one year old was found wondering the streets. A nice lady took him in, but could not keep him.... he needed a home. I went to see him and fell in love at first site and he came home with me. Jet lived with my family and I and had a very happy life. He LOVED hiking and playing with his Akita buddies Solomon, Ringo, and Kali.

Tragically his life was cut short on September 14, 1999 at the very young age of 3 1/2. Jet is missed dearly but will never be forgotten. I am now a sophmore physical therapy major and look forward to moving into a house this summer so i can adopt another dane from a great dane rescue. I hope to become a physical therapist and then start a great dane rescue in Jet's memory.

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