My best four legged friend, often my "shadow". Spooky was a beloved family member for 17 years. Nicknamed "Poohbear" ..she brought so much joy to our lives and she is deeply missed by all. A Heavenly Pets Webring has been created in her memory, which is designed to help owners, create dedication wallpaper, webpages & screensavers.

Do animals have a soul?

If they can feel: Love, anger, loneliness, happiness, sorrow, surprise, dislike, fear, companionship, regret, jealousy, joy...and more..I can say YES they DO! The Lord took the care, to make sure the animals were saved from the floods, surely he has a special place in Heaven for them......I believe this too!

I miss you, Spooky.

Sherrie Atkinson Heavenly Pets Web Ring

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