Chico (left) and Stevie

Our darling little Stevie, you made our lives complete.
You gave so much of yourself for all those to see.
What a true angel you were in all that you do.
Our precious baby, why was life cut short for you?

Fond memories of you remain, ones we never will forget
Your cute smile, your playful way, or just your sassiness.
Your white paws, your little beard, or your light brown ears
You will always be daddys girl. He will always keep you near.

We miss you little mamma, our angel face.
There will never be another you, to fill that empty space.
Shine down on us from the stars above & let us know you're there.
Help us understand the loss we feel & why its so unfair.
To watch the life slip away from you was more than we could bear.

Always know, you're here with us
Our love will never fade
Please wait for us in heaven
You're our angel . Show us the way.

We miss you little Stevie! You made our lives complete.
Thank you for giving us the last day at the lake.
Wait for us, mamma!

Daddy, Mommy, & Chico

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