Wee Willie

Having just lost our little Tupee, Ann and I were heartbroken the morning a scruffy little hobo came into our lives. Filthy, matted, and flea infested it was difficult to tell just what it was that came up the driveway at my whistle. Well it was a badly neglected little fellow that found someone that needed him as badly as he needed us.

A union that God certainly put together, and what a loving and lasting one it became. Long story short, after the passing of my wife, then Jack, Willie became my shadow, my companion, my soul mate. He owned my heart, a heart now broken by his passing.

He fought a lot of health problems but he could not beat Lymphoma. It stole his life and the best part of mine. I take consolation in knowing he now plays with Jack, Tupee, and Holly under the watchful eye of Ann as they await me at the Rainbow Bridge.

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