Our baby's name is Bart and we lost him to kidney failure after 8 wonderful, unmatched years. He came to us the year we were married and made our lives so incredibly wonderful that these last few weeks have been unbearable. He left us on a Saturday, January 8, 2000 a day we'll never forget. He was such a beautiful smart yet so innocent...we named him after Bart Simpson because in his youth he was quite a handful...He had this unmistakable bark and we knew what he wanted with each and every one...

My husband walked him every morning his entire life, faithfully. He would hop up on our front porch glider and watch over the neighborhood without ever daring to chase another living creature. Bart and I would hold staring contests and I rarely ever won. His big brown eyes were mesmerizing. He would roll his eyes if you were behind him as if to say, "Yes, I know you're behind me and I hear what you are saying but I just don't feel like turning around right now." If I were to guess, no, I'm sure Bart's favorite place on earth was anywhere Jim and I were. He loved being with us more than anything.

So many memories, too many to list here. Such a treasure to have him in our lives, we will never be the same. I hope when the time comes, we will be reunited with our beloved Bart.

We would give anything just to hug him once more.

- Jim & Sharon Valentine

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