Bernie Bernard

My special buddy, Bernie Bernard, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on January 10, 2000 after several months of heart trouble. He was such a brave boy - all the way to the end! But he refused his special diet and the medication for his heart, so we walked on - making him as comfortable as possible and staying with him to the last.

Bernie was born September 22, 1988 and we first met on November 20 the same year. He was a special joy all his days and the house seems so empty now without him to greet me when I get home.

He was a survivor of back surgery when he was about five years old. Though it took a while to recover, he was back to running, chasing and being himself for the rest of his days. Bernie never chewed or destroyed anything during his life here and was always the perfect gentlemen doing no more than barking at dogs. cats. and children when we were out for a walk.

I'll miss him and love him forever and hopefully one day be reunited for eternity. Till then sweet Bernie, play and have fun with your new friends and know you are in my heart every day!

God bless the love you gave me.


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