This was such a hard decision today, but you told us it was time to leave. Hopefully, tonight you are with Tammy and you both can see perfectly, hear everything, eat whatever you want whenever you want and jump as high as you want. Ok, Tammy can jump high and you can chase bugs.

You have been a great friend to us for all of these years. You had your physical problems but you were always sweet and accepting of any challenges thrown your way. Despite it, you never complained. We feel the last 1 1/2 years were an extra bonus and gift for us to have you here.

We are going to miss you terribly, but know we will see you again someday. We'll never forget you. Now you're "gone to Dogstar" and we know life is good again for you there.

Love, "Mom & Dad"

P.S. Sentra has been looking for you. High praise indeed from a cat.

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