Brutus 27 December 1991 to 4 January 2000

On 8 February 1992 I received a phone call from my fiance who said to me "They're selling Bull Terrier Puppies here on sale. They're so ugly but I'm sure you'll like them" I went to see the pups and saw right away that there was one that reminded me of my first Bull Terrier some ten years previously.

I took him home and named him Brutus. The deal was I would clean up if he messed and replace it if he broke anything.

In June 1992 we moved into our own house. Just the two of us in a three bedroomed home. We were each others roomies and enjoyed each others company. October 1994, I married and he welcomed my new wife into our home but showed her who was boss. (He wouldn't listen to her.)They fought with each other often (he was no longer allowed to sleep on the bed or on the sofa etc.) but he decided to heed her call and soon he complied with her instructions. I called him my brat because he needed checking like a little child. Brutus would guard Carol-Anne with his life when I was away from home. We both loved Brutus and he showed us the same without reservation.

In January 1997, our first child Carrianne, was born and Brutus was he Guardian Angel. He would lie next to her cot all the time. When we took her out and put her down on a blanket, Brutus would lie right next to her. When we were busy in the back working and Carrianne began crying, Brutus would bark and whine as if he were telling us to stop what we were busy with and to see to her.

As Carrianne grew up, her and Brutus became soulmates and she would share sweets, food, and anything else she could with Brutus. She would even ride on his back.

Sadly on 4 January 2000, after four years of treatment and three operations, Brutus lost his fight against skin cancer. I had to tell Carrianne that "Piggy" as she nicknamed him, had left us to become a star so that he could watch over her even when she wasn't at home.

Each evening, Carrianne shouts out excitedly to me that she can see Brutus' Star and then wishes him a good nights rest.

Brutus, we miss you but you'll always be in our hearts and our thoughts. Of all the stars in the universe, yours is the brightest and the highest.

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