Jessee & Kylee

Jessee: (puppy on the right hand side) Jan. 1986 - June, 1999.

I lost Jessee to a brain tumor. She was very beautiful even in the end. I miss her very much. She was expecially attached to me and a special part of our family. She had an attitude that was hilarious and was very preious.

Kylee: (puppy on the left hand side) Jan. 1986 - Jan. 2000.

I lost Kylee to arthritis in her back legs and spine. The last couple of days were very hard. She seemed to be ready to go. She was my miss goof, always getting into things.

These two dogs were sisters and my missy's..... I know that they are in puppy heaven running and playing together once again. I miss them both very much.

Owner : Karen

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