Krissy was my dog when I got married at 21 and moved to Texas. Krissy was one quarter cocker spaniel, one quarter miniature schnauzer, and one half of whatever dog was tall enough to jump the fence and spend time with her mother. Krissy was a silkly soft black and white dog with floppy ears and the cutest face you've ever seen. I allowed my ex-husband to keep her when we split up because he said he was all alone because our baby son was to stay with me. I felt bad for him because the divorce was my idea and I was also overwhelmed with caring for a young child and living on my own for the first time in my life. This was just about the worst decision I ever made.

Shortly afterwards he told me that Krissy was gone but he would never tell me what happened and I don't know if she died, if he gave her away, or if he took her to the pound.

This was ten years ago and I feel so guilty. I feel that I didn't take care of my sweetheart, that she was my baby and I let her down. She was the sweetest thing ever. I hold a hope in my heart that when I die, I'll get to see her, if only for one moment, and tell her how sorry I am and how I have always loved her with all my being. I know my good girl will forgive me and that she probably did right away but I'd still love to tell her because she deserved better than she got. I am finally able to think of Krissy and feel good as I remember all of our good times but when I saw this DogStar and the chance to write this type of tribute, I knew that I had to do it.

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