Lady Shennille II & Bazzille Rathbone

Well they were not really puppies, but in my heart they will always be. Lady Shennille II (a beautiful German Shepherd, age 9, and Bazzille Rathbone II(a handsome Samoyed, also 9 were thoughtlessly murdered in later summer after noon by my X-step father out of nothing but pure evil and hate.

As puppies these two would cause havoc around the house, we still never figured out who truly at that sofa while we were in Chi, they took that with them. But we know whom, a year earlier ate my mattress thinking it was Nel I scolded her and refused to let her in my room till about two hours later, Baz decided to cough up the evidence. Need less to say, I guess we all needed some new furniture.

After leaving home for college, when I came home most the time it was to see my little pups. I was always greeted by that bark of Nels and the hello howl only Baz could do. Corey met the pups in early 98 and for once was not afraid of large dogs, since they were so friendly, they adopted him in to the family instantly.

In October 1998, the visits home became fewer and farther in between, I missed having at least one dog around. So Corey bought me Monarch (a handsome sable papillon) for our anniversary, I couldn't wait to bring him to my families home to show every one. Once Baz and Nel realized he wasn't another cat they taught him tons of thing: barking, looking at you after you were mad and melting your heart, and of course how to play like a real dog.

Now Bazille and Shennille were taken form us in early August, right as my sister was going into high school and I was about to start classes. I found out after working all day that they were killed. My mom did not cry on the phone with me, she was still in shock, or denial maybe both. Keyara was devastated, Corey was in disbelief, I was hysterical. My mom and my sister were alone in the house now with no guard dogs for the first time ever. Mom went on a guilt quest and quickly found a long haired shepherd (Lord Otto)who looked eerily like a cross between Baz and Nel. When Monarch came over to help socialize Otto, he spent most the time looking for his two best friends. I actually sat down in the spare room and tried to explain to him they were gone. For being only about a year he seemed to realize what I was saying. I told Monarch that Auntie Shennille and Uncle Bazzille had gone bye bye, he just cocked his head and whimpered. He still looks around the house for them when he visits.

About a month ago, Corey, Monarch and I added to our family. This time she was a little bi-blue sheltie. Even before we saw her, she was named after my other puppies. We shortened their AKC registered names into her name. B.R.S. Lady (Bazzille Rathbone/ Lady Shennille) FoxGlove King. Now Fox and Monarch run around our house, just as their auntie and uncle did at my mom's ten years ago. Monarch is passing down all those annoying habits to her now, but I don't mind them as much. They will play JUST LIKE Nel and Baz did. I see them in all three of the next generations of dogs.

My little angel's each have a Halo beanie baby sitting on cherub sconce on the wall in our bedroom, and there is a Halo and a Hope beanie baby at my mothers home. So, they can continue to protect us, if not physically, but spiritually.

What I wouldn't give to run my hands through the hair on your head Bazzy-buddy, and make your leg pump while I pet your belly Nelly. I have my own babies now, but you will always be the first ones. You were takenn too soon, though your years were numbered he had no right to take you two from us. You two will be happy to know, Otto took all the presents that he could out the dog door and unwrapped them, just like you all did for so many Christmas past. It's bed time now, but instead of running down the stairs to get a treat, look down on us from heaven where you sit on either side of God and protect us always.

We all love and miss you so so much.

Krimsin, Corey, Monarch, FoxGolve, Mom, Keyara, and Otto

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