Lady Diana

Lady Diana. Born 12/18/83 on the Boehm farm in rural LaCrescent MN. Grew up with Deborah, Maxine, and John on Fireside Drive in LaCrescent. Her passion growing up was to chase UPS trucks down the highway, with one of the children chasing behind her. Then Mr. Mau would find her, and nastily call Margaret to come and pick her up. She loved to watch rabbits out of the patio door, and she would spring 3 feet off the ground in excitement.

Her travels took her first to a lakeside home in Wisconsin, and then via an airplane to Oregon. Then in the summer of 1998, she made the long car journey from Oregon across all the Northern US states to Wisconsin to play with Colton. Then she traveled down I-35 to Texas, where she played with Emily and Zane. Eventually, she traveled across the Southern US states to the sunshine state of Florida, where she retired.

John and Margaret enjoyed many years with Lady, and she will be dearly missed. Lady sadly passed away December 14th, 1999, four days before her 16th birthday.

Written by Deborah Larson

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