Tasha, it has been almost three months since you left us. You almost made twelve years and I was so proud of you. You had such a hard winter, but this summer you ran like the wind. I would love to watch you in the canyon, when you would let us pass you and then you would run at full speed to catch up with us. We all miss your wonderful face and loving disposition. You let other animals be part of our household and you were not upset. But you know you were always the queen of this household.

The seizures that plagued you when you were a pup, became the final culprit in your death. I am so glad I was with you when you passed on, holding your wonderful body. There are places that we would go together that I think I will never be able too go to again. So many of the best memories of my life have been with you. The friends, human and dogs we made together. How proud I always was to be with you. You loved all other animals and humans, big and small. I have come to terms with the circumstances of your death, and know we did the best thing we could do for you, but when I accept that I am left with the loneliness. You my love, were one of the great joys of my life, and I will always miss you. You are irreplaceable.

Love, Your mama Rosalie B

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