Winston Wright

October 1991 - June 1998

What a dog he was! We adopted him from the bulldog rescue league in October of 1993 - just six months after we were married. Sort of a wedding present to ourselves. He was two years old when he entered our life and made our new house a home. It was a slow process to make him understand that life was not meant to be lived unhappily. After almost a year of encouragement and reassurance, we taught Winston what love was - it was quite apparant that he never experienced love prior to our adopting him. Abuse was definitely in his past and our main objective was to help him forget it and begin a new life with us. He brought joy and life to every day.

In February 1998 he began to have siezures and was eventually diagnosed with a brain tumor in June 1998. We had to make the most difficult decision in our lives to let Winston go before he was more uncomfortable than he already was.

He will be sadly missed. Just writing about him brings me to an emotional breakdown of tears. Seven months have passed - and seven years will pass - and he will always hold a special place in our hearts. We have brought two new wonderful bulldogs into our home and they have brought a new joy to our lives. A simple crafty item I purchased a few years back holds so much meaning, as it states "No home is complete, without the pitter patter of doggie feet".

We love you little Winnie Poey Shmoey. Hope doggie heaven has been good to you. We gave you the best life we could... Rest in Peace!

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