Angelica Star

You were only 7 months old when you died in my arms, I was trying to get you to the Hospital but it was to late, we didn't get you there fast enough. We knew you had a bad heart but we never thought you would leave us so soon and now all we are left with is the memory of your puppy smiles and your "lickey face" kisses.

You were our little Angel and although you were only with us for six months you filled our lives with so much joy and happiness. Now that you are gone we are left to wonder why you were taken from us so young .

We only wish we had a few more minutes to say good bye to you and hold you in our arms if only for the briefest of seconds we would be satisfied, but I know that can't be.

Sleep with the Angels our little girl our Jelly Belly, until we see you again in heaven.

With all our love, Mommy, Daddy, Uncle John, Grandma (Gamma's Girl) and Great Grandma

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