This is in memory of my beloved Bagel who I lost to lung cancer July 31, 1998. I adopted Bagel when he was 6 1/2. Although I had always wanted a dog I found to many excuses not to get one. When the situation presented itself to watch him for a few weeks I jumped at the chance. Needless to say I didn't want to give him up. In a very short time he became the love of my life. Within a few months Bagel was mine, for keeps. His owner an ex-boyfriend was moving to Florida and couldn't taken him.

I always said my relationship with Bagel was a love affair to last a life time.

Unfortunately, he was taken from me much to soon. But in the 4 1/2 wonderful years we had together I learned so much about life, from him. Having Bagel changed my life for the better. For that I am grateful. This is my tribute to the best devoted friend I could ask for.

Someday we will be together again.


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