In loving memory of Brewster
April 8, 1989 - May 4, 2000

I had decided I would like to get an airedale but my husband was dead set against it. He wanted a german shepherd. We had several heated arguments about it, but I held firm and won out. I was looking for a small female puppy but when I saw the litter I fell head over heels for the biggest male puppy. Brewster came to live with us and my husband loved him as much as I did. His nickname was "Monster Puppy" because he was always so big and forever a puppy. He filled our home with so much love and laughter. Always on the go, even after surgery on his shoulder he would hobble over to his ball and expect me to throw it for him!!

The end came so suddenly and such a shock. My husband took him to the vet with a suspected muscle pull or at worst a torn ligament in his leg. The x-rays showed bone cancer. I was called from work and raced to the vet to say goodbye to my best buddy. Even with as much pain as he was in, as soon as he saw me that little stump of a tail started wagging. The vet said he was "a very brave and stoic dog". We had him for 11 wonderful years but it still doesn't seem long enough.

Goodbye, Brewster. You were a very true and loyal friend and we will never forget you.

Love, Mom & Dad (Marj & Bob)

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