He was my sisters dog, a beautiful golden retriever named Chili. My sister Jenny had only had him for a month short of three years. Chili was Jenny's first dog after she moved out of the family house, he was her baby, her best friend, and her first son. Jenny took Chili where ever she went. He enjoyed swimming, chasing tennis balls, and taking long walks with his auntie, me!

One day and from there on Chili began to vomit everything he ate. Jenny took Chili into the vet, also a good friend of the family. The vet diagnosed Chili with Mega esophigus, a disease which wouldn't allow food to pass the throat and into the stomach. Chili was not getting the proper nourishment and thus began to loose an incrediable amount of weight. It was the hardest to see a dog with such spirit and joy loose all of that. Soon enough Chili was unable to walk by himself, and my sister knew the best thing to do was to put him to sleep.

It was last Sunday, Mothers day, when Jenny and her husband took the dreadful car ride to the vet. Jenny held his frail little body, wrapped up in blanket close to her. His eyes were very heavy, though looked at my sister, almost telling her "I love you, don't be sad." It was the hardest day for everyone.

Chili was truely a gift from God and Jenny was very blessed to have a dog with such personality, he was her baby, and he will never be forgotten.

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