Joshua, Chrissy & Adam

JOSHUA - You loved me more than life itself and you were my beautiful, loyal, companion. I always told you if you were a man I would marry you. You have been gone 7 years now and I can't find a man who comes close. I think of you every day and pray that God is taking good care of you and Chrissy and Adam. I love you forever. - Mommy

CHRISSY - My sweet, beautiful little golden girl. After you died Josh was never the same and then 10 months later he joined you in heaven. He loved me but he was lost without his little "girlie". Mommy loves you with all my heart and you know I tell you all the time to take good care of Josh and don't beat up on him like you did (even tho you were always playing) on earth. My preciouse baby girl I love you forever - Mommy

ADAM - I only had you a short time but, like all Goldens, you were gentle, loyal, sweet and loving. When Darla and Ben adopted you I knew I had found two wonderful people who would love you dearly and they did. We were all stunned when you died at the tender age of 4 and a half to heart disease. None of us have gotten another dog and probably never will because the pain of the loss was too great. We all loved you but it was Ben and Darla who gave you a wonderful, fun filled life and tho it was cut short you lived such a full life with them and we all miss you and will love you forever sweet boy. - Your First Mommy

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