In loving memory of my precious little baby girl,

Princess Kneesaa, a Shih-Tzu -

always lovingly referred to as Kneesaa.

Kneesaa was very fiesty and impish. She loved goodies and people food.

I believe she thought she was a real little girl! She was born on March 5, 1985 and her little life ended on March 6, 2000.

Kneesaa & Luke (my other little shining star) gave me 15 & 14 years of happiness, joy and love.

I miss you and love you Kneessaa.

Both you and Lukie will always be together in my heart.

Dear Kneesaa & Lukie. Mommy will meet you both at the Rainbow Bridge. Wait for me there!

For Kneesaa: You were my sunshine, you were my life.
When you went to sleep forever, my heart was pierced with a knife.
I miss you so, why did you have to go.
I call your name and cry my heart out, hoping you'll come back somehow.
It's only two months now since you left.
You were my little girl, beloved pet.

I hope you're safe and with Luke your brother.
I cannot think of getting another.

My heart would break all over again.
I could never love like I did you and Luke.

I'll be sad and blue for the rest of my life.
Till God calls me home to a brand new life.

Then once again we'll be together.
You, me and Luke for ever and ever.
Good bye my baby until tomorrow.
Take good care of your baby brother, and don't forget your loving mother.

Love mommy.

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