My dog's name is Mori. We had the pleasure of his company from June, 1989 through February, 2000. Mori was a yellow lab that had been trained as a guide dog for the blind, but he "flunked out" as he was afraid of some things, such as an umbrella being open. The people that trained him needed to find a home for him, as the first home did not work out. I took him home on a weekend when my husband was away to "try it out"...he never left!

Mori was not only a dog..he was my best buddy, my walking companion, my greeter at the door, he sat by me if I was sick or sad.. Mori defined loyalty. The loss I feel even four months after his passing is sometimes unbearable.

He had arthritis the last couple of years which stopped him from doing some of the things he loved...running after the ball for hours and hours and our long walks together. So when he started limping we (and the vet) attributed it to the arthritis. But when he came in that night limping and crying like I had never heard him before...I know something was terribly wrong.....the vet found his leg to be broken and X-rays showed he had bone cancer that had spread to his lung. We said goodbye to our friend the next day.

We had lost our cat two weeks to the day before Mori passed away. It has been a rough road. No matter if we get another dog, Mori will never be replaced.

To me, he was one of a kind, and I will never find another best friend like him.

To you, my bud, Mori, I miss you desperately and hope you are resting in peace and comfort.

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