In Memory of Tramp

Sept 1, 1991 - May 8, 2000
My best Friend
Make a Fast friend
Adopt a Retired Racing Greyhound

Tramp I still remember bringing you home that first day. They told us to have a crate for you for a while because that's what you lived in at the track. That crate was your security blanket in a new and different world. It didn't take you long to figure out that the lazy boy was a much better place to sleep. When I came home from work you were the first to meet me at the door for a hug. It was funny if the wife got to the door first, you would push her out of the way so you could get your hug first, boy I miss that.

Tramp you were a wonderful friend and I miss the time we would spend together. I still take our walk after supper, but your not walking by my side, your in my heart. You raced into our hearts, and when you died in my arms it left a void that can never be filled.

I love you Tramp and I miss you. You will never be forgotten.

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