Tribute to Elliott (May or June, 1989 - June 15, 2000)

Missed dearly by Heidi, Tom, Elise, and a whole host of others...

What can be said about Elliott? I am certain everyone that knew him would have something to say, but my words are the hardest to put together. While his end was certainly not fulfilling, I am comforted knowing that he truly had a wonderful life……

From the time I saw him in the "pound" (and saved him from oblivion, according to my Uncle Denny), held him in my palm (he was that small) on the drive home, and looked at him and uttered "Elliott," a tremendous relationship was in the making. Over his 11 years, he was my companion, friend, shoulder to cry on, shadow, whipping boy (I'm sorry to say), but most of all my "El Boy!"

Most people he came in contact with gave him a special name: El, Ella-Bella, El-Bell, Mister, Smell, El-Smell, Smelliott, Edgar, Idiott, "Ooooo" (to baby Elise), and "E" when we didn't want him to know we were talking about him. I'm sure there are others I am forgetting (forgive me!), but mine was always El-Bell.

From that first car ride, to going just about everywhere with me, to being blown away in the convertible, to hanging his head out of the truck window during his Sunday paper "run," he was never one to miss a "ride." Words such as "ride," "bye-bye," "let's go," and "walk" had to be used very carefully around Elliott - for if you whispered one of these even once, he hounded you until you fulfilled your "promise."

Elliott was such an unassuming, low-maintenance, subtle presence in our lives; it will be a long, long time before I don't look for him at the back door, wait for him to "rush" me when I walk in the door, watch where I step when I get out of bed, look for him on his couch when I go to do laundry, call him to clean up the crumbs on the floor, or hear his paws "clicking" on our hardwood floors.

He was so subtle, we didn't have to worry about Elliott's schedule; he quickly caught on to ours. If we slept until noon, he slept until noon. He ate like a cat, so we only had to fill his bowls every three to four days. He let us know when he had to go outside, when he was out of food, or simply when he wanted some attention.

His one downfall (to us anyway) and the cause of his ultimate demise, was his love to "run." From his escapes on Edwards Road, his excursions at my mom and dad's house, his trots down the sidewalks at Broadview, and his romps through the woods of South Altman, at least he died doing what he loved most - running free. (It is amazing he lived to be 11 years old.)

But his wonderful life is what will be remembered most: from chewing everything in sight with his underbite teeth (including Sam and Bif's ears), to watching the world go by from the Edwards Road balcony and window, to his Sunday rides, to his running from one end of my mom and dad's house to the other in search of my dad, to opening his own Christmas presents, to his walks, to moving from sunspot to sunspot all day long and laying in them for hours, to trying to have his way with Candy and succeeding with Daisy, to hiking the woods of New Richmond, to knowing exactly when Tom was to arrive home after work, to getting treats from baby Elise (I thought for sure "Elliott" would be her first word), it was a wonderful life for Elliott! As it was for me to have him in my life!

I know that Elliott is at peace in heaven pestering Sam and Bif, lying at the feet of my Uncle Denny, and getting treats from my Ma Meyer. (Just think, Elliott, no more thunder storms to seek refuge from!) I know that when it is my time to join him, he will be waiting to jump all over me when (God willing) I enter those pearly gates.

Thank you Ella-Bella for always being my El-Bell! You are missed!

A message I received from my mom and dad on the occasion of Elliot's death. May it be of comfort to others who have lost a beloved pet.

There must be a heaven for the animal friends we love. They are not human, yet they bring out our own humanity... sometimes in ways that other people cannot. They do not worry about fame or fortune... instead, they bring our hearts nearer to the joy of simple things. Each day they teach us little lessons in trust and steadfast affection. Whatever heaven may be, there's surely a place in it for friends as good as these.

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