Jackie Brown

I had a dog that had to be put down because he was a chaser. We have baby calves and baby ponies across the road and he wouldn't stop chasing them.

He also started to snap and growl at us. We have had him since he was a tiny pup. He grew up to become a good dog. His name is Jackie Brown. He was part beagle and weiner. He could sniff anything.

One time he sniffed out a baby rattlesnake and I believe that if he wasn't there to do that one of us would have gotten bitten. He was an emotional dog also. I remember him crying if he thought that one of the cattle was being hurt.

I was very much heartbroken over Jackie. I called him names and told him he was stupid for chasing the cattle. I cried for two days and just very unhappy. I don't believe I have ever felt that way before about anything.

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