I can remember the November day back in 1989 when I first got Joey. He was 3 and 1/2 months old and had more energy than I care to remember. On Saturday June 10th my baby Joey passed away.

He was a rare Kerri Blue Terrior and was almost 11 years old. I knew it was coming but I am still in shock and dispair. About a year ago he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and he was on a medicine that was supposed to slow the deterioration of his heart. I bought him a new batch of treats on Friday and he seemed to be acting like himself though he was coughing more and more as time went on. (The coughing was due to the increased pressure on his windpipe because of his enlarged and failing heart.) Though his coughing sounded terrible, and often drove me crazy, Joey still acted like Joey.

On Saturday morning he was much worse. I have spent little time experiencing the dying process and was sort of in denial until the end. I have but one major regret regarding his death. I was at home when he died but was in the other room at the exact time he took his last breath. I found him less than a half hour later in one of his favorite sleeping spots and immediately knew he was gone. I wrapped him in a blanket and took him to be creamated. I got the ashes back today and will take them to a lake we used to spend time at in the Summer high in the Cascade mountains and scatter his remains up there.

I am still in much pain over loosing him. I loved him very much. Never more will his head twitch when I say certain words. No long will he wake my up with his kisses. No longer will hear his bark that was an everday part of our lives. No longer will we play tug of war and chase with Woodstock (his toy) or a stick. The amount of change in my life right now is rapid.

I just lost Joey, the duplex that I own where Joey and I lived for a six year period will be sold June 30th and I am moving out of the house I'm in by August. The hardest thing to leave behind will be my beloved Joey. As a final note, after I dropped off Joey's body at the emergency vet clinic I started to drive home and right in front of me was a full rainbow. I'd like to think this was Joey's way of telling me that he's alright and he's happy.

I hope he is in doggie heaven with his friends, Mr Bojangles, Sheeta and Jake who all preceeded him in death.

If you have living pets cherish the time you have with them for it will be all too short.

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