Something very tragic happend yesterday.My aunts dog hung its self on a tree.It kept getting out of its kennel so she tied it up so it didnt get hit by a car like my old dog Tuffy did.(you can see his star under tuffy.)So he got wrapped around a tree and hung himself. He didnt know how to unwrap his self because he had never been tied up before. Then my aunt went out there to untie him and he bit her in one of the main arteries. She was pouring blood and then my grandma pulled up an she ran inside to get a knife and by the time she got back he was dead.After that they took my aunt to the hospital and they said that she needed to let it stay open. They just cleaned it out. It was a nice dog but I guess its instincts took over.

We will miss that dog. I may only be 12 but I like things too.


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