Miss Tilly

Tilly came to us because her owners were moving and couldn't take her with them. She has brought us joy ever since. She loved to play in the lake at her Aunt Gladys and Uncle Tom's house, where she would bark at the fish in the lake, and blow bubbles in the water trying to play with them. She loved to be chased by or chase her brother, Sebastian. Her bark was deep and loud, and knew when she wanted something. Her eyes would light up and her tail would wag whenever Will would come in the door. She loved him so much, it was mutual.

When she injured her back we did everything we could to keep her comfortable and happy, but I guess it was her time to go. Taking her to the vet's was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life and I will always remember the way she seemed to understand and the look of peace that came over her as she went to sleep.

We put her under the apple trees where she spent many hours lying in the sun and gnawing on the apples that had fallen.

I know every pet is special to their owners, but Tilly had a sweetness and a gentleness that I had never seen before. I am sure she is having a good time running and fishing and waiting for the day that we can be with her again. I look forward to seeing her then.

We love you and miss you Miss Tilly. You were a very important part of our lives and will remain in our hearts and our memories forever.

All Our Love,
Tim & Will

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