One week ago tonight - right at this very moment, we lost our beloved cocker spaniel to chronic heart failure. We feel his spirit with us still, however - we miss dearly his large liquid brown eyes, his happy wags at the front door when each of us would come home at the end of the day. He had a way to brighten a bad day and make a good day even better. He was quite a character and his name was Arnold. When Arnold came into our lives - he was found at a local pound who had planned on putting him down the next day if he had not been adopted. We had 5 glorious years with our little friend, and they were five years that went entirely too soon.

While he was our family dog, he truly belonged to his mother (my daughter) who misses him terribly, but we all take comfort in the thought that he suffers no more. We will especially remember him when we see the first snow fly - large drops of rain that he loved to frolic in and his excitement over the holidays - no matter what time of year. He loved cold winter nights and stealing blankets from all of us to "nest" his own special bed. He loved laying in front of the register during the hot summers to feel the cold air on his back and take marathon naps. His favorite HUMAN dish to share was pasta with red sauce - plenty of garlic, please. He loved to be held and get/give kisses. He demanded little and gave so much.

We were blessed to have had him in our lives and carry him in our hearts always.

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