2-22-82 to 1-10-89

Bonnie had already had four other owners before she came to me. For the year previous to her coming to live with me she had been kept in a cellar most of the time. She had torn her hair out in spots and her nails were grown almost into her pads. Nevertheless, sorry sight that she was, she was as friendly and loving as she could be. My vet was shocked when he saw her and we worked together to try to bring her around. Her hair grew back and we worked on those nails and finally got them controlled. However she always stayed a bit splay-footed and never really walked on her toes like most collies.

Her biggest problem was that she couldn't bear to be left alone anymore. I was fortunate to live only a few minutes from where I worked and I would run home at lunch and let her out and spend time with her. She did pretty well except that whenever she was alone she would start to pull her hair out again or do some other damage to herself. She was fine when I was home, the sweetest dog I ever met. She was sensitive to people's moods and always offered her support. She was a wonderful friend, I would play oldies on the radio and dance around with her singing the songs (very badly) and changing words so her name was in them. She loved it. (So did I!!)

Unfortunately a few years after Bonnie came to us we were forced to move much farther away and she didn't take the move well at all. I would come home and she would be bloody everywhere, it broke my heart. My vet tried different kinds of tranquilizers but nothing seemed to help her. She didn't seem able to stop hurting herself during the long days that I was gone. I was dragging her back to the vet a few times a week, she would hurt herself so badly. I finally had to make that terrible decision which is so hard even when a physical illness is the cause. To have to decide because of her psychological problems really didn't seem fair at all. One night she could barely walk when I came home - she had chewed on her paws so much they were raw.

I made the decision that night. I still don't know if it was the right thing to do. She was still pretty young, just about to be 8 years old, I just don't know if I made the right decision, maybe there were specialists that could have helped, I don't know. I wish there had been an internet and computers like there are now back then. I still miss her and it has been 11 years - I still haven't been able to think of getting another dog. And I've always shared my life with dogs. Its like the heart went out of me the day that Bonnie died.

So, my Bonnie girl, I miss you and can't wait until the day we will be together again.

Always in my heart,


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