Courtney (aka "Mookie")

Yorkshire Terrier - Born 11/25/87 - Died 7/4/00

Courtney was my baby girl. She was so precious to me and my family. She slept in our bed every night since we took her home. When it was cold in the winter she would push her way under the covers to stay warm. She loved to eat and be held and especially when she was getting on in years, her legs would not hold her up as well so we carried her all over the house and up the stairs.

She was so spoiled but we didn't mind because she was our baby who loved us so much. My daughter Lisa was her "sissy" as we called her. If we went out, she would wait at the top of the stairs for us to come home. She would smile with this broad smile everytime we walked in the door..but towards the end, the smile wasn't there are much...i think she knew her time with us was coming to an end...we tried to pretend we didn't notice; it was too hard to think about.

On 4th of July morning she woke up not well...we rushed her to the vet emergency and she got better and we took her back home and as soon as she got home, she got sick again, i think she wanted to die at home but we couldn't let her suffer, so we brought her back and the dr. said she was suffering from congestive heart failure and her pulse rate was 40 so we cried while the dr. put her down...and we are still crying...we are having her cremated and will put her in a nice urn in our room where she always slept.

I have her in my heart and always will and someday we will meet her again on Rainbow Bridge, I asked her to be waiting there when we come to meet her and oh, the joy of that day!

Goodbye for now my sweetheart.

Your Mommy Forever!!!

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