Damien was our black male chow, affectionately known as "Precious Bear Boy". He was an unusually sweet natured dog, particularly for a Chow, so his name was almost a joke-like naming a Great Dane "Tiny". He always greeted my husband and I when we arrived home from work by stamping his front feet and making "woofing" noises.

Damien was born in 1983, and died of a stroke this past May. His Veterinarian said he had never known a Chow who lived so long, or was so healthy right up to the (sudden) end of life. We buried him under his favorite shade tree in our back yard with a very nice ceremony, and our Australian Shepherd, Banshee sat by his grave whenever she went outside, and would not play or interact with us for days.

We eventually adopted a Siberian Husky puppy, Tala, to share our home and hearts, and Banshee has bonded with her, as she did with Damien..

Some evenings when they are outside playing, Banshee will sit near Damien's grave under the tree and not move for up to 15 minutes-I can only guess why. Damien was a special friend, and deserves a special tribute from his human family.

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