Kujo born Dec. 19, 1985 put out of pain July 10, 2000

Kujo, the sweetest little Shih-Tzu dog ever... came to me as a gift.....arrived in a grocery bag. A little chrysanthemum faced grey & white fuzzy puppy. From that day forward the two of us had quite a journey through life. He became solely MY forever dog & I became his forever person. The bond we shared was so strong we were ever so close. From puppy hood thru the adult years we continued to grow.......we were always together. We played, we walked, we ran, and yes we ate.....Kujo loved to eat, his favorite being raw carrots.

We had quite a lot of adventures & good times thru out his days. As age progressed upon him,arthur took his toll. His vision & hearing eventually came to pass but the smell sense always remained. At age 14 our walks consisted mainly of being carried outside and then standing to potty. We no longer ran, jumped or played towel(after our bath.) We still tried to do all the fun things of life but the old tired bones & failing senses wouldn't allow it.

He still liked to eat & occasionally would make it to his toy basket to sniff his tattered and torn rag-babies. Periodicallly, he would pick one up and hold it trying to play... ..but the task was hard.Our ambulatory skills were fading fast, getting worse by the day.

Then on July, 9th upon awakening we couldn't walk or barely stand at all. We did our potty thing with me holding him up....as soon as I let him go he would topple over on his side. His eyes looked like he was frightened, not knowing what was wrong. We wouldn't eat our food..except he did eat a few carrots)

We talked, I held him, I read him the story For Every Dog an Angel. I asked him if he was in pain......I knew he was. He looked so sad and scared. I gave him his final haircut and last bath....told him he couldn't go to rainbow bridge dirty. He liked his bath.....also thought the warm water may help arthur.

We took Aspirin and spent the whole day together....quality day it was.

July 10th after a restless sleep we were unchanged...still unable to stand..... Drank alot of water.....must of had a fever. Between the two of us we decided it would be best if he now made his journey to Rainbow Bridge. Could I do this thing I had to do? I would do it for Kujo.....I would help him. Off to the vet we went and with his little head resting on my arm I handed the Vet his paw. The pink medicine started to be injected.....my little Kujo was leaving me! Before the completion of the drug his little head became heavy on my arm like he had went to sleep.....and well yes, he had, forever.

He looked comfortable at last.....no more panting, no more being scared. That night I looked up at the stars......knew he would have the biggest, brightest one of all. But a cloudly night it was.

I still look every night for the Kujo star....so many to choose. Now with this site I know Kujo will have his own personal star.

Kujo my little buddy, I miss you scuffling behind me, I miss your snoring, I miss you!!! I hope we did the right thing..I feel like we did. May you now run, play, hear and see again.......I love you....wait for me....I'll be there soon. You will have a lot to show me.

Rest in peace Babycakes!!!!!!! I'm remembering all the good times and you do the same. Love, Your Ma, Robbie

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