We remember very vividly the day you came hobbling down our long driveway. You were yelping, dragging your bleeding head on the gravel. Your belly was bloated with worms, bugs were crawling on your skin, and you were totally bald from the worst case of mange we had ever seen. We didn't have a clue as to what breed of puppy you were, but we knew one thing for sure....You were OURS! Neighbors said you had been thrown from a truck by a cold-hearted man who decided you weren't worth keeping. They said you would never live, and encouraged us to shoot you to put you out of your misery, but a little voice inside said that you were worth saving.

We slathered you up with stinky, sticky mange cream, and what a pathetic site you were. Our little boys were totally grossed out by your appearance and kept saying, "Yuck! He is so GOOEY!" Hence your name: "Magoo".

In a few weeks you began to show remarkable progress, and grew into a beautiful dog with a purple tongue. People commented that your face looked like a fuzzy teddy bear. You surely understood that you had been shown compassion and given a second chance, for in return you gave us unfailing loyalty and love.

For six years you faithfully guarded our property from burglars. Unfortunately, you also guarded it from the garbage man, the mailman, invited guests, and your nemesis - the poor old UPS delivery guy! NOBODY was going to bother your family. You never missed a day walking our two little boys to the bus stop, and when that bus brought them home in the afternoon, there you'd sit at the mailbox waiting for them. For six years you escorted us in and out of the driveway. Rain, sleet, snow......You were always proudly trotting in front of the car with your head held high.

The 4th of July you became deathly sick, and in your confusion wandered aimlessly into the mountains. We spent the holiday hiking the woods searching for you, and my husband carried you home. We feel sure you were poisoned since your problems came so suddenly. That night my son and I slept outside beside you with a camping lantern so you wouldn't be scared. You were in such agony.

Shortly after daylight, with all the strength you could muster, you raised yourself up and looked me square in the face for the longest time with adoring eyes. I said, "I love you, too, Goo." Within minutes you were gone. My husband and the boys buried you between the house and the mailbox so you can still watch out for us and guard our stuff.

Yes, you sometimes smelled terrible, and yes, you were bad to sneak in the house and wag your muddy tail on the walls. You would gobble up the cats' food when you thought we weren't looking. You were the world's worst to swim in the creek and then walk 100 yds. to shake water all over people, but you were loved, loved, loved.

We miss you, sweet boy!

Submitted by Tammy and Charley Floyd Georgia, USA

Magoo - chow mix.....1994-2000

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