Tipsi Jackson

Tipsi Jackson - came to earth Nov. 25, 1982 - went back to heaven June 19, 2000.

My faithful companion, my loyal defender, my true best friend. Sweet, smart, obstinate, playful, funny; with your silky blond hair, deep brown eyes, and soft black nose, you stole my heart from the moment I saw you. You are the best Christmas present I ever had! You loved riding in "Mr. Truck", hanging out the passenger window with your ears blowing in the breeze; playing "hat"; exploring in the yard; going for walks; you loved Crunch bars and catfish; you loved prancing around the house looking so handsome after a grooming; you loved being brushed; and most of all, you loved me.

You were always there with me, always so much a part of me, and now you are forever a part of my soul. I miss your kisses, your barks, hearing your toenails scratching on the tile; miss you jumping on the bed & the couch & in my lap; miss your growls and your snores; and most of all, I just miss you so very much.

I'm so grateful for all the time we had together, and so sorry for all the time we spent apart. Please forgive me, and know that I always loved you more than anything or anybody. I will think of you and relive memories with you every day for the rest of my life.

I pray that God is keeping you happy and healthy; save me a place by your side and come get me when it's time. I love you, son.

Your mom
Linda Jackson

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