In 1989, after a serious illness, we got a puppy for our five year old son. We found him in the pet store and immediately fell in love with him. He was just the cutest thing. He was all hair and no legs. He was part dachshund and part cocker spaniel. We took him home and he immediately became a loving member of our family. Our son gave him his name because of the way he raced around from one room to another.

Over the years, Torpedo gave us so much love and companionship and always had us laughing. Even the cats loved him. One day, when another larger dog was playing too rough with him, his best pal Izzy, our cat, jumped on the larger dogs back and started attacking him.

Somehow, no matter where he was, Torpedo always knew when you were on your way to bed. By the time you got there, he was happily ensconced on your pillow. He always managed to get there first. As soon as the lights went off in the house, he knew it was time. It was like a game with him. Torpedo was also a great lover of home grown tomatoes and we would often catch him in the garden with tomato juice dripping down his chin.

He was very protective of the family and no one got past the front door without first passing his inspection. On his final day, we came home to find him dead in the back yard. We never really knew what happened to him. The whole family was heartbroken and even now we think of him and talk about him often.

He left a void in our lives that we have not been able to fill. Torpedo is buried next to a bush in the front yard. He has his grave marker, flowers, and a tomato to mark the spot where he is laid to rest. Torpedo provided us with years of unconditional love and friendship and we have lost one of our best friends.

Dear Torpedo:

Thank you for your many years of unconditional love. We miss you and think of you often and hope that you are enjoying green grass, clear skies, bright flowers, and the companionship of many new friends.

May your path be lined with all the tomato plants you could ever want.

Love, Mom, Dad, Sean & Nikki.

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