As a year had just passed last week since my dogs departure, feelings have rekindled and brought back the pain all over again. I just want him to know that we miss him very much and want to thank him for all the joy, laughs, memories, and special places he put in our hearts.

His death was very hard to me because he was given to me as a present from my parents when I was only 6 years old...that was 16 years ago. I want him to know that we all think of him everyday and get a good laugh in at some memory we rememebred over all these years. He was a wonderful dog...not just that but a best-friend and a family member.

We miss you BUD and count the days till we will be reunited again....as long as I have my heart..you are forever in it........

I Thought of You

I thought of you a million times today,
Thoughts of you won't stay away;
I think of you the way you used to be,
And wonder if you ever think of me.

I know you're now safer than when you were here,
But that doesn't make it easier to keep your memory near;
And someday I'll kiss your head again,
But for now I'll concentrate on letting good thoughts in.

I miss you more than you could know,
And wish you hadn't had to go;
'Cause you were what gave me my special radiance,
Without a word, you were my best friend.

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