Chloe Belle

To Chloe Belle, You were the best girl anyone could ever ask for. You were gentle and kind and you never caused any trouble. You loved chocolate, and that one Christmas when you ate 48 chocolate cookies, we thought you would have surely died, but you stayed with us another 6 or 8 years after that.

You loved looking for "bunnies" when they went through the backyard. You liked to walk around the neighborhood in your slow-paced saunter, as if you owned the road! You loved going to the park where this photo was taken of you when you were only 2 years old.

You loved going in the car the grandma's house and knew where you were when traveling and even started barking when we got a couple miles from her driveway. You loved the aquarium and the big thought you could taste them through the glass so you would lick the tank trying to get to them!

You loved watching T.V. and especially "Americas Funniest Home Videos" when they did the segments with animals. But it was hard for you to watch the movie "Babe" because for the life of you, you could not figure out why the animals could talk people language!

You were born on February 14th, 1985 on the snowiest night of that year and you were the lone survivor of the litter of 5. Your mommy was a purebred Beagle named Lady and your daddy was the handsome German Shepherd/Collie mix, the tall, dark stranger across the road!

You were Lacie's best friend from the time she was 7 years old and she first laid eyes on you. You also meant the world to Lorie, Mark and to me (mom). You accepted changes in your life; the addition of new family members...first Remo, then Darcy, then the puppies, and Cassie. You tolerated being petted on the head by Darcy (the Golden Retriever baby sister) and you accepted her 10 babies 3 years later. For that, we thank you because they were important members of the family, too.

Then old girl, you left us on January 28th, 1998. Just shy of your 13th birthday. We lay in bed that day and listened to John Denver CD's and it was a long day. You loved music and it was fitting that you go out of this world listening to beautiful, peaceful music.

We miss you still and will for as long as we live. We know you are shining so bright up there in the heavens and we will see you again someday.

Chloe, we love you.

Mom & Mark; sister Lorie;
and your best girl, Lacie;
your siblings...Remo, Darcy, Jake, Heather and Jesse;
and Missy
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