His Title was "Gabriel Guardian of the Forest". He was of German decent Great Dane. We called him Gabe or Gabriel, and what an angel he was. Gabriel left us without any warnings at all. We retired to bed one night and Gabriel who slept in our hallway between our bedroom door and our daughters laid down for his night's rest as well. As I awoke the next morning I had to step over him to get by, usually he gets up right away to be let out for his morning duty, but sometimes he will sleep in as he will stay up late on the weekends with everyone until the last person goes to bed before he himself lays down for the night. So I let everyone else out and started getting ready for mass. I thought it was very unusual that he was not following me around whether he wanted to go out or not and so I went and laid my hand on his face to wake him, this was when I discovered that he had already left us forever.

It is always hard to lose an animal I know I buried our Chihuahua just one month before him. Jacob (look for his page on here as well) This however was very hard to take as there was no warnings. He simply laid down for his nights rest and never awoke again.

Gabriel would go out in the yard with me or my husband and he would follow us where ever we went like a shadow. He would also stand behind me on the riding lawn mower making endless rounds as I mowed our huge yard. Never stopping until I did. He was our Guadian in every since of the word. He would walk with my daughter and I down to the bus stop every morning as it was so dark and we live in such a secluded area that I just did not feel safe without him. There are many things that he was known for.

People used to drive by our home just to see him as he was the biggest Great Dane I have ever seen. He was so healthy in his physical appearance. I have to believe that God needed you to protect him up there Gabriel. In my heart you will always be with me until we can be together again with all of our good friends going before us. You are forever on my mind as I walk to that bus stop every morning now alone. You were always a slobby mess with your never learning to keep your big sloppy lips licked but now I find this is what I miss the most about you now that you have left.

I will never feel as safe as I did when you were with my Gabriel Guardian of the Forest.

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