GranitGold's "There Stands Jackson" -aka "Jackson"
August 27, 1994 to August 3, 2000

You were the dog of my heart, my "FOREVER DOG". I will miss you always. Driving to Gettysburg will never, ever be the same without you. All those freezing New Year's trips, standing in the cold urging you to "hurry up", when all you wanted to do was play ball. I will miss that so much.

And, I will never be able to look at another tennis ball without seeing you, rolling it with your nose and looking at me with that look that seemed to say "Please mom, just ONE more time". No matter what I was doing, it didn't matter. Your mind set was only play, play, play, which made you all the more special. Your innocence was such a heartwarming part of you.

I love you. My friend, my companion, my confidant, my LIFE. Until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge, you will have my heart. My heart was not my own since the first minute you chose me to be your mom, and it is only right that it should stay with you.

We WILL meet again. Then we will NEVER be parted.

May you have all the tennis balls and chew toys that your heart desires. You gave only the best in life, and you deserve nothing less in your eternal rest.

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