Good-bye Old Girl

Today we had to say good-bye to Jello as she left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge. Born Pinetree's Sheriff's Daughter, she acquired the name Jello for her jealousies towards Kathryn.

A wonderful little Tricolor Sheltie, Jello was entered into and won many confirmation puppy classes at AKC shows and matches. On her first show, while in the show ring she somehow managed to find a mouthful of duck feathers and presented a pretty little black face, with feathers hanging out of her mouth and that famous Sheltie Grin to the Judge. This was followed by the judge's comment that "She is a delightful little bitch, but the handler needs work." With her constant curiosity, gentle temperament, and attractive looks almost everyone who met her thought of her as a delightful little girl.

As she began to mature, her front legs would not straighten, and she entered adulthood with knobby knees and "puppy legs" needless to say, her show days were over, and breeding her was out of the question, so she became My Girl.

Get rid of her, absolutely not. Jello was a member of the family, and surrogate mother, raising other puppies, kittens, a couple of squirrels, a good watchdog, and herding children and grandchildren around the yard. Jello had a very distinctive "warning bark." When things were not right in her yard. A monotone Yip - pause-Yip -- pause, which would grate on your nerves until one of us went to see what was wrong.

Jello would constantly pace in a left-handed circle. Around us, furniture, or anything else she could, always to the left. Place a barrier before her, or try to turn her around, and she would tilt her head to one side and give a look that could only be interpreted as "what do you think you are doing?"

As I would Leave the house and try to hug & kiss Kathryn, Jello would circle to the left and nip at Kat's backside, always Kat, never me. Sitting on the sofa Jello would wiggle herself between Kat and I, place her back against me, and use her legs to try and push Kathryn away.

Jello, JJ, J-Dog, and whatever other nicknames that came and went, we loved her, and she was My Girl.

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