June 1989 - 23 August 2000

Kinko joined my life in August 1989, and it changed forever. She was Brindle & White Bull Terrier. From her I learnt what unconditional love meant. She was always there for me, comforting me, protecting me and most of all just loving me.

She had quite an eventful early few years, including such mischievous feats as leaving the yard every day after I left for work, and walking to the local school to play with the children. I only became aware of this feat after I came home one day to find her with a note attached from the school asking her parents not to allow her to visit any longer! She loved freedom by escaping from the yard, but would always be home sitting on the front verandah by the time I came home from work.

Her later years really didn't change much, she still enjoyed escaping but after moving house finding her way home became difficult. We were sure we had had lost her at least 4 times, but eventually after posting notes in shops, some one would have taken her in. One particular time, the owners of a boatshed had taken her in after finding her chasing ducks, then took her to a BBQ and eventually home.

She was always a very good dog in not ever ripping clothes from the line or chewing up our plants, until we planted a Lemon Tree. We had the tree for months, then one day found it chewed in half, for no particular reason. The bottom half survived and with careful attention & care grew again into tree, blossoming to fruit. Again, we came home and found it chewed in half, for no particular reason. We attempted to grow the herb Lemongrass, it was coming along beautifully, until she discovered how good it tasted. The plant never grew taller than about 20 cm, as she would stand at it daily and chew the tops from the grasssy leaves.

Her other favourite past-time was hunting in thebackyard. Hunting for lizards under trees, in the grass, anywhere. One day coming home from work I found her very wobbly on her feeet, concussed, with a black & swollen eye. It seems that she was so intent on catching a particular lizard that day that she hit a brick wall, causing irrepairable damage to her right eye. We treated the eye for about 4 months, but evetually she lost the eye. No problem life continued...........

She adored laying in the sun and sunbaking all day every. As happens with many of us in Australia, she contracted skin cancer. An extremely agressive form, leaving us only 6 weeks after diagnosis. She became very lethargic, had trouble breathing and walking, and eventually we had to do the kindest but hardest task of putting her to sleep. She loved her Vet but hated going to the surgery so the vet came to the house.

She is now in a very sunny spot in the backyard, with a Lemon Tree above as a reminder/tribute to her.

Kinko, Mummy & Daddy miss you so much. We hope you happy and feel no pain. We will see you agin one day. You will never be replaced in our hearts.

Megan Stanford & Peter Holley

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