IN MEMORY OF LUCKY (05/09/1997-08/08/2000).

On saint patrick's day I was visiting my sons' grave on the anniversary of his death. Matthew was almost 19 when he died after a self-inflicted gunshot wound in march of 1997. I had been full of guilt, grief, and depression; but I believe God sent LUCKY to help me smile, love and live happily once again.

While at the cemetary, LUCKY jumped into the back seat of my car and would not get out of my car. A week later the owners came to my home and picked "max" up...I cried, but knew he'd be back. Sure enough,3 days later LUCKY was given to me, and we loved each other in a way I never imagined possible.

Lucky was loving, gentle, always wanting to please, and followed me everywhere I went. On tuesday,8-8-2000,he slipped out of his collar and within a minute had been hit by a van and died instantly. We cried as we drove him to the animal hospital as we said our goodbyes,and held his head.

His ashes will be placed at the cemetary where my son is buried since that is where Lucky picked me at. Our home seems empty is quiet, and yet full of beautiful memories, and pictures of our beloved Lucky.

I feel Lucky was on a mission to help me heal from my sons death, and he did. I now know I can love another, lose another, and not shut down emotionally. I thank GOD for sending LUCKY to me.

He is a very special dog (friend) and I will miss and love him for always. He's in heaven with my son two angels. I love you LUCKY.


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