My little Nazar,

You were given to me to foster and I fell in love with you. I placed you with a loving family and something went wrong and you started attacking the mother. You came back to me and I loved you so very much. I worked with you and worked with you and loved you all the time. I will never know why you stole such a place in my heart. But you did and you did from the first time I saw you.

But your behavior would not change and you would attack when it came to your food. I thought I could work with you on this. But eventually I found that I could not. Yesterday, I had to make the decision to have you euthanized. I will always question myself and that decision. It has killed me to do it but I know I could not take the chance and let you go on this way. It would not be fair to you or me or any of my other pets. I was not able to be there with you because I just could not watch this happen to you and I know you never knew why you were leaving home. It has broken my heart to do this, but my son was with you most of the way and I know now you are with my beloved Phoenix and all my other loved ones there in heaven and at rainbow bridge.

Please look on me with your love and know that I truly loved you with all my heart no matter how much of a little pill you could be. You were my sweet little Nazar.

Bye for now my beloved Nazar, I miss you

Your mommy

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