Feb. 1982 - Aug. 2000

I miss you my friend, so much that it hurts inside. Thank you for bringing joy and laughter back into my life after losing Mom. Thank you for your sweet, and playful spirit. Thank you for seeing me out the door everyday, and waiting for me at the door every afternoon when I returned home.

Nickky was hit by a car on Aug. 9, 2000. She was a house dog, and I never left her outside to wander, unless I was with her. She never went out into the road, but on this night, when I let her out just before going to bed, there were kittens in the road, and her curiosity got the best of her.

I am sorry, that I did not let you out 10 minutes sooner or 10 minutes later to avoid this senseless tragedy. I am sorry, I let you down. You will always be in my heart, and I will always love and miss you.

Into your hands oh Lord, I commend her spirit.

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