The Colorado Peach

My beloved pooch "The Colorado Peach" died from a simple operation that went bad. I took her in to have a simple wart removed from her upper right eye lid and she died while on the operating table. This completely broke my heart as this was not expected at all.

She was my buddy and was always in my lap, by my side and slept with me at night. This all happened on May 4th, 2000 so over three months now and I still greve for her. I am almost 70 years of age now so not sure if I will get another pooch or not.

I know that she is up there playing with all of the other pooches now. Please notice that I have never used the word dog. She was my "Peaches Pooch" as that what I called her most of the time although he official name was "The Colorado Peach". She was just a mutt breed but a very loving pooch.

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